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    Inserting a "phantom" part in drawing

    Colleen Christie

      I wanted a quick and easy way to show how to cut and quantity of sheet vinyl for some seats we manufacture.  We use 2 different sizes so I created a part with 2 configurations.  I put the quantity into the properties so it will show up on a BoM in the drawing.  I then created 2 sketches (one for each configuration) showing how to cut the sheets.


      I want the drawing to be 2 sheets (one for each configuration) and the first sheet works fine, but on the second sheet, when I choose the 2nd configuration the sketch does not update to the proper sketch.  Within the part I can toggle my configurations and the proper sketch shows up, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong in the drawing.

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          Jamil Snead

          The answer might depend on how you are showing and hiding the sketches in the different configurations. Are you doing it by suppressing the sketch that you don't want and unsuppressing the sketch that you do want? Or are you simply hiding the sketch you don't want and showing the sketch that you do? I am guessing that you are hiding/showing, so here are some things you can try.


          When you look at a particular configuration within the part make a note of the display state that it is using. Each configuration probably is using a different display state, and that would control which sketch is shown.


          So now back on the drawing select the drawing view and make sure the correct display state is selected. (In this example the display states don't match).


          Another thing you can try is to expand the view in the feature tree and find each sketch and manually show/hide the sketches from the drawing.


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            Bernie Daraz

            If you have two configurations you can use the Alternate Position command in the drawing view palette. It will phantom out the chosen configuration. You may have to swap the configs in the drawing you have to show what you need. I am making a few assumptions as there is no picture here.