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    Remove ghost sheet formats

    Simon Burt

      I am trying to streamline my work flow a little, and do a general tidy up..


      I have managed to get the company sheet formats into the correct folder, but now I have a bunch of 'ghosts' left in the menu,




      How can I remove these?



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          Jeff Mirisola

          One of three things should work:


          1 - Go to the folder they're located in and delete them.

          2 - Change your folder options in Windows Explorer to not show hidden files and folders.

          3 - Remove the C:\... location from your file locations for sheet formats.

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            Glenn Schroeder



            I have a similar issue, although I only have one showing for each sheet format, and it looks like you have multiple instances.  I hope you get an answer.  For me it's a minor annoyance, but I would still like to fix it.  It started with SW2014 if I remember right.


            One thing that I wanted to mention is that I see you have your sheet format saved in the Program Data\SolidWorks folder.  I'd recommend moving it to a location away from the SolidWorks installation folders.  If not you may lose it in a upgrade.  Since you said it's a company format you might want to save it at a network location, if that's available.  If not, just save it somewhere else on your hard drive.  After you move it you can point to the new location so it will show up when you right-click and choose Properties...   You can click on the Add... button shown below to Browse to the new location, and then delete the default location.



            And Jeff,


            Your first two answers make sense, but don't work for me.  I set Windows Explorer to show hidden files, but those still don't show up.  If I can't see them, I don't know how to delete them.  And I deleted the default location years ago.

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                Simon Burt

                I had copied the company sheets out of the default so my colleagues can also pick them up, and so I have now also linked my solidworks to the network location. I have been the one keeping them up-to-date. overhauled them a little while back to reduce the number of blocks that were making editing a problem.


                I agree, its not a necessary change, but would be nice, Jeff, I also do not have 'ghost' files in any of the file locations which is confusing me most.

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                Anthony Macke

                Same here. Have formats showing up that haven't existed in years and can't get the list to actually show all the formats in the location folder. Have to browse and locate the format template I want every single drawing. Have just gotten used to this one.

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                  Rick McDonald

                  Has anyone looked into the registry to see if the files are listed there (and may not even exist as any real files)?

                  I am not that good at editing the registry but have solved some problems there for other programs that has similar conditions where they kept showing files as being available but the files didn't exist anywhere on my computer (and I was showing all files and folders - even hidden).

                  It may just be legacy information in a registry list.


                  Caution - back up the registry before touching it!

                  after backing it up, you can go into the different sections and do a search for the file name you know you have (the one that you use) and then go to that registry location and see if the others are listed - and then delete them in the registry.


                  Like I said, I am not that good at the editing the registry and it can get you in real trouble if you do it wrong so back it up first and know how to restore it if you crash you system with a bad entry.


                  Maybe someone who has better registry knowledge can give more directions.

                  a few other things about searching the registry, The find function has a few check boxes and I know that the "Match whole string only" check box has messed me up a few times because it seems to want a full and exact match - including spaces.  I always try my searches with and then without this box checked if I don't find what I am looking for.

                  Also, check all 5 sections of the registry if you aren't sure where the data might be. sometimes it shows up in multiple places.


                  I just checked my registry and found my templates under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section

                  I also found my templates under the HKEY_USERS section

                  It may also be under other areas as well.

                  I have a fairly clean registry as I had completely uninstalled SolidWorks, then purged my folders for SW and cleaned my registry using a registry cleaner, then reinstalled SW2015.

                  I keep all "MY" custom files, templates, ... under my E drive so that I preserve them on a reinstall or upgrade and it's also easier to backup.


                  Hope this helps some.