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Setting yes/no variable in transition action doesn't work??

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by Steven Soeder

I'm trying to set a variable to flag an item as obsolete or released. 

I have two variables, both are of type Yes/No.

The variables are each tied to their own checkbox on a file card (i.e. FlgObsolete is tied to Checkbox "Obsolete", FlgReleased is tied to Checkbox "Released").

The transition to the state "Obsoleted" has a set variable action which sets the value of FlgObsolete to 1.

The transitions to the state "Released" have a set variable action which sets the value of FlgReleased to 1.


When I run my transitions, the variables are not being set.

This is screwing up a conditional transition later in the workflow, and is screwing up control logic on my file card.


I've tried setting the value to "1" and I've tried setting it to "Yes" and neither seems to work.

I know I'm able to tie a Yes/No variable to a checkbox using values "1" and "0" because I've done this already tying a file card's checkbox to radio buttons on a folder card labeled "0" and "1"


What am I doing wrong here?