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How to convert SolidWorks drawings to PDF automatically in EPDM without extra license of SolidWorks?

Question asked by Chris B. on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by Joy Garon

Hi All


The way our EPDM is set up, when you do a state change (like from WIP to "Released") it automatically generates a PDF using the Convert SolidWorks Task Addin.


However, doing this opens a new instance of SolidWorks (using another license) - even if there is already an instance of SolidWorks running on that PC.

This is unacceptable because:

1.  It ties up another license.  We don't have any "extra" licenses - all users are using them almost all the time.

2.  If there is no license available, it will not generate the PDF.  Until possibly hours later when a license becomes available, interrupting the workflow.

3.  Buying an extra seat of SolidWorks just to generate PDFs is not an effective solution.



How can we automatically generate PDF of SolidWorks drawings upon state changes, without consuming an extra SolidWorks license?