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    Merging two Intersecting Surfaces

    Jeff Ell
      If I have two intersecting surfaces and desire to make a single cutreferencing both surfaces,  is it possible to merge the twosurfaces into a single surface?

      Do I have other options besides making two individual cuts?

        • Merging two Intersecting Surfaces
          Anna Wood
          You can do a Mutual Trim and trim both at the same time, selecting what you want to keep. It is one of the radio buttons at the top of the feature manager when you invoke the trim command.

          Or are you talking about something different? Can you post a screen shot?

            • Merging two Intersecting Surfaces
              Charles Culp

              Anna is right if you want to cut each of the surfaces with eachother.  Mututal trim will trim surface 1 with surface 2, andtrim surface 2 with surface 1.

              Your question sounded to me like you wanted to trim SolidBody Awith BOTH surface 1 and surface 2.  The way I would approachdoing that is to "knit" the two surfaces (in thesurfacing drop-menu, or in the toolbar).  Then you can useyour new SurfaceBody to use the Cut "With Surface..."tool.

              Let us know more information and we might be able to help you ifyou are still having problems!