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    printer paper size

    Hossein Sadeghi



      I am trying to automate print process and in a part of my macro I have Model.PageSetup.PrinterPaperSize = 17 to select 11x17 paper size to print on. The code does not seem to change whatever is already selected. Any idea why it happens?


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          Matt Martens

          I have a macro setup for my workplace that does just this. It required using the macro recorder to get the exact strings required for the printers. Mine is set-up to use a different printer for large format drawings. I even made a bitmap to use for the button I assigned to the macro.


          Look it over and see if you can get it to work for your setup. I can answer any questions you may have about how to get it working.

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              Hossein Sadeghi

              Thanks Matt for sharing your code here. I also have a code that check the paper size and it is supposed to change the printer paper size but I think it does not. So the print looks skewed with large border on top and bottom for larger size paper. When I check the page setup setting in printer menu, the paper size is still set to smaller size.