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    Why does the text get garbled when publishing eDrawings?

    Mike Trehus

      When I create an eDrawing from a SolidWorks drawing, the default Century Gothic font does not get reproduced in the eDrawing correctly.  It appears that the eDrawing instead substitutes or reproduces the text as some kind of wider Arial font with the letters spaced as though they were still Century Gothic, which results in characters often overlapping their adjacent characters.  I've tested other sans serif fonts and find this to consistently be the case, with Arial and Arial Narrow being the only known exceptions.


      I have viewed my eDrawings on multiple computers here at work and the problem is consistent.  This issue is separate from (but similar to) the eDrawings issue with the Windows Control Panel setting for "changing font size" (Medium = 125%, Larger = 150%) because this issue shows up on workstations that are set to the default 100%.


      Simply changing fonts in my SolidWorks drawings to Arial or Arial Narrow is not a solution because there are many years' worth of eDrawings in our system, and no resources to spare to change them all.


      Anybody know how to fix this?