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Toolbox reassignments keep reverting to defaults.

Question asked by Seth Brown on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by Tom Fetterolf

1)  Under the "Hole Wizard" section of the Toolbox Configuration Window I have gone through and removed all the holes I don't want as options in the Hole Wizard options. For instance, I only want a DIN 912 type of counterbore hole available to use. So I uncheck the rest in the configuration. Yet all the different DIN counterbore options are still available to choose from. Why is this? I have unchecked all the other standards so that DIN is the only one showing up in Hole Wizard, but when I uncheck types of DIN holes they still show up in Hole Wizard. Why is this? The attached image depicts the problem.


2) Also under the "Hole Wizard" section of the Toolbox Configuration Window I will have reassigned the type of hardware a hole will call and it will later revert back to the default. For instance, the default srew/ bolt assigned to a DIN screw clearance hole is a DIN socket head cap screw. I will then change it to a grade b hex bolt. I will create a hole series and it will pull the hex bolt. But over a certain period of time, it will revert back to calling the default hex head cap screw and I will have to repeat the whole process again. Why is this?


Are there any Toolbox experts out there? I'm quite frustrated at how much of my time this has wasted.