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Generic file card for all unspecified extensions?

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by Mark Olsen

Does anyone know how to make a generic file card? (i.e. a card that is displayed for all extensions that do not have a specific card to which that extension is attached)




Does anyone know how to categorize a file based on a folder variable without using a file card?


I can't figure out how to do this.  It seems EPDM wants all extensions to be specified, and anything not specified just doesn't get a card.

It also seems that a file card is necessary in order to "read" in a folder card variable.


What I want:

I want all files to be categorized based on the folder they are in.  The folder has a YES/NO variable to indicate if the documents inside are "Controlled" or "Uncontrolled".

Files need to be categorized based on this variable.


System design attempted:

I've defined two categories - "Controlled documents" and "Uncontrolled documents"

The condition for each is:

Type = Variable,  Variable Name=ControlStatus,  Argument= [Yes for Controlled] [No for Uncontrolled]


I created two workflows - one for controlled and one for uncontrolled documents.

The condition for each is based on the file's category (i.e. "Controlled documents" or "Uncontrolled documents").


I've created a folder card which has two radio buttons for "Controlled" and "Uncontrolled".

These are tied to the variable "ControlStatus" (argument type is YES / NO)

When a user creates a new folder, he gets to set this argument.  This cannot be changed later (it is permanent).


Files created inside the folder have a folder card with a variable "ControlStatus" which is tied to the folder card variable of the same name.
This way, each file pulls in "YES" or "NO" based on what the folder was set to.



Right now this works great for any file extension specified in my existing data cards (e.g. solidworks and excel)

However, if I create a file of an extension not specified in a file card (e.g. ".TXT") then there is no file card associated, so the "ControlStatus" variable is not set based on the folder, and it automatically defaults to "NO" - so the file gets categorized as "Uncontrolled documents", and is put in the "Uncontrolled" workflow.


I need this to work for all files, regardless of extension.  I am open to any suggestions aside from custom API programming.


Jeff Sweeney - any ideas??