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Any need/ideas for after-hours support from VAR?

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by Brian Titus

Usually when I need tech support, it's after-hours or on weekends.  You're working on the big project and the deadline is looming, and that's when snags happen.  And that's when you don't have time to figure it out on your own.


The VAR's obviously don't want 24-7 staffing.  We get that.


I've been trying to tell them that if they could figure out a way to have 24-7 tech support, or at least support until 10 or 11 pm and on weekends, that would distinguish them from other VARs.


there's the obvious outsourcing to a call center.  Not the slickest solution.


There could be tech support tech's that are available through texting and could possibly remote into their work computer from home?  A customer would log onto the VARs website and submitt a request.  The techs would all get a text and the first one to call the customer would maybe get a fee or perhaps equivalent time off?


I don't know.


Does anybody else sometimes need tech support after hours or would like to know it's available at least?


Can anybody think of a way that it would work without being a financial deterrent to the VARs?