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How do I cut a circular hole in a velved, lofted surface?

Question asked by Gina Wiklund on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by Gina Wiklund

How do I cut a circular hole in to a velved, lofted surface, without having the circle getting distorted?

I´t feels like I have tried everything and I have watched I don´t know how many tutorials on the subject but nothing will do the trick.

I´m not the most experienced user so I´t would not surprice me if the solution is really simple or if the problem lies in something I have done before but I hav tried everything I can come up with so a little help would really be appritiated.


I have tride to use both warp and split line to get the sketch on to the face but even then the circle won´t keep it´s shape. I have also tried a lot of different settings with extrude cut and I tried the hole wizard wich does not work at all (can´t select the face to put out the holes.) I even tried to go back and work with the base form, merge things, not, merge, knit, use 3D-splines for the curves, take away the thickness and everything I could possibly come up with.


I attatched the file if anyone would want to take a look at thiss mess

Happy for all help I can get!