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Once a sketch is “absorbed”, its location in the feature manager cannot be changed, regardless of the feature moving up or down the tree

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by Larry Dunbar

Would this be a true statement in all versions of SW?


So create a sketch as the first sketch of a part, generate many features after this but do not use it yet, so say 100 features, then extrude the first sketch, then roll back prior to the extrude (in between sketch and extrude), the feature manager rolls back to the first sketch, then roll forward just prior to that extrude, then try and drag the sketch to the end of the feature manager just prior to the extrude that uses it, but the sketch will not be able to be moved.


I have always seen this, but have a user that is asking and want to be sure nothing has changed.  I did test it in SW2014 SP5, but thought I would ask anyway.