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    Design Scenario Plot

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      Please look at image below...
        • Design Scenario Plot
          Peter Gillespie
          I'm pretty sure that plot is for the last iteration. I don't know if it is possible to keep all the other plots as well.

          A side note, when you run a design scenario, I like to keep my LAST set as my initial values, so that I end up with my original model. Your model will keep the last dimensions in the design scenario sets. (at least in 2004 it does, but I'm pretty sure it is still that way)
            • Design Scenario Plot
              Vince Adams
              Peter, you are correct in that CW only saves results for the last set in Design Scenarios and does physically change your model with each Set so that the last Set defines the final state of the model. Making your last Set your original data is an excellent tip! I'll sometimes just re-run my first set (or the one with the nominal values) when I've completed my DS study to do the same thing.

              No capability for full results in anything but last set as of 2007. There is a back door for this expected in 2008 for Pro & Advanced Pro users.