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SolidWorks 2014 Half Shear / Semi Shear issue

Question asked by Steve Cole on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2015 by Bernie Daraz

Hello SolidWorks forum !


I am using SW2014 to re-construct side plate sections of a vintage recording console, I have drawn out the sections, and I have tried to use a custom form tool to produce the relevant half shears used to mate with the respective ISEP rail profile.

But, every time I use the form tool, the stopped face punch side is correct, but the 'extruded' section is deformed incorrectly.


Pic of ISEP profile with punch construction dimensions.

Screenshot 2015-03-12 13.44.02.png

Punch Tool.

Screenshot 2015-03-12 13.47.56.png

Punched panel with correct indentation (face side).

Screenshot 2015-03-12 13.52.11.png

Punched panel from extruded side ( deformed Half Shears).

Screenshot 2015-03-12 13.52.50.png

Punched panel showing indentation marks, with distorted outlines (extruded side).

Screenshot 2015-03-12 13.53.07.png

Actual Half Shear - punch side.

photo 1.JPG

Actual Half Shear - Extruded side.

photo 2.JPG

ISEP Profile.

photo 3.JPG

ISEP Profile mating with Extruded Half Shear.

photo 4.JPG


Any ideas ?

I've searched the forum, found this - , lots of useful info, tried some suggestions, but still can't get it correct !