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    Doug Kohring

      We made a design change to a model, we revved up the title from r3 to r4. This broke the link to the drawing. I also did a save as for the drawing but the model and drawing are no longer linked. Is there an easy (not utterly painful) way to re unite the model and the drawing.





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          Ingvar Magnusson

          File => Open

          select the drawing

          Click "References"

          Double click the filename under Name

          Browser for your r4 and select it by double clicking it or select it and select open

          hit ok


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            Glenn Schroeder

            Close the drawing if it's open, then go to File > Open and Browse to the drawing, select it but don't open it, and click on the References button.  That will bring up a dialog box where you can link to the file.



            The next time you want to change a file name I'd suggest either using SolidWorks Explorer, or, if you have it installed you can change it in Windows Explorer with the right-click drop-down.  Either of these methods will update the links in most cases.


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              Joe Derosa

              Use PDM to control revision levels, that way you don't need to create another file for new revisions, just use the same file and pdm (vault) keeps the history.