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Are my assembly files corrupt?

Question asked by Michael Cairns on Mar 11, 2015

We just upgraded everyone to 2015 SP2.0 and this is the first time we've seen this issue. One of our guys took home an assembly to work on, and borrowed a license to use to work on it. It all opened fine when he was at home, he made some changes. Comes in this morning and the part files all work, but when trying to open any assembly file, we get the following error: "Cannot open xxx.SLDASM. Future Version"

He's opening it from the same computer that he used last night, and that computer has only one version. When we click on the parts in windows explorer it shows correctly "SW Last saved with: SOLIDWORKS 2015", but when we click the assemblies it shows absolutely nothing about what version it is. We're operating under the assumption that the files were corrupted, but what would have done this, and how can we avoid it in the future?

FYI we don't use PDM and the files that are experiencing this problem are on his local drive. They worked last night, but don't work now.