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Excel based BOM doesn't work when converting 2D DWG to 3D import

Question asked by Niklas Leijon on Mar 11, 2015
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I have a number of older DWG's (probably made in Mechanical Desktop) and I want to create these into 3D models. I go about it using the import 2D to 3D steps, assigning the different views to the appropriate sketch planes (left, right top and so on). So far so good.


We also have an Excel based BOM, which usually works with out a hitch. However, with all the parts from DWG that I have imported using the method above, this Excel based BOM can not be created. "Error creating Bill of Materials"

The parts have properties assigned to them, and if a create just a normal BOM, (not excel based) it works and the properties show. But I need to use my Excel based BOM.


What has happened and how do I go about fixing it? I need help ASAP, as this is a live and running project in its final stages.


All and any help is immensely appreciated!


Best Regards