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Question asked by Izac Roberts on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by Alex Taguchi

Trying to convince IT to upgrade some work stations. Perhaps its nothing hardware upgrades can fix? Is it just solidworks being bad? Working on 124MB assemblies and it CHUGGSSSS. I mean not only load/save time is horrible (that's to be expected), but trying to rotate the assembly or add/remove/move parts around is awful. Performance seems to be just terrible on bigger assemblies and more complex parts with what we have. Attached is a screen-cap of the hardware. Running SW 2014 and plan on making upgrades (usually a year behind to wait for service packs). Dual monitor (at-least) support is a requirement. I think a lot of the problem lies within the video card being garbage but I just don't know enough to be sure. Open to any suggestions on getting towers running decently. Wasn't sure where to ask and direct SW support seems to be non-existent. Thanks for the help! If more info is needed just ask!


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