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eDrawings Publisher: Century Gothic font does not translate--any ideas?

Question asked by Mike Trehus on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by Mike Trehus

I've noticed that in SW2015 (and possibly earlier releases) that when I create an eDrawing from a solidWorks drawing, the default Century Gothic font does not translate.  It appears that the edrawing instead substitutes or reproduces the text with some kind of a skewed Arial font, with the letters overlapping sometimes but not always.  This is separate from (but similar to) the issue of "Larger fonts" in control panel--I do not use that setting in Windows, so that isn't the cause.  I have viewed the edrawings on multiple computers and it always appears the same (flawed) way.  I do have century gothic as a properly functional font in MS office, but this apparently does not help edrawings to interpret correctly.  I tried changing the SW drawing to Arial, and that did translate okay, but this is not a solution because there are many years' worth of eDrawings for our shop to use, and I can't possibly change them all.


Anybody know how to fix this?