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    Web2 client

    Rick Lacouture

      Does anyone know if you can restrict users in the new 2015 Web2 Client from seeing all folders within the vault?

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          Michael Dekoning

          I'm pretty sure it follows the same restrictions as the full client. If a user or group doesn't have rights to view a folder in Windows Explorer, they won't see it in Web 2.

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            Shane Suffolk

            Hello all,


            I know this is an old thread but I have exactly the same issue:


            I've got a user set up with restrictions set up so he/she only sees one folder in the local client.

            However, this user can see every single folder in the vault in the Web2 client. The files within the folders are just not 'there' for this user.


            Has anybody come across a solution for this or am I missing a setting somewhere? Because seeing all the folders will confuse the user.

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                Rick Lacouture

                Hi Shane.

                Since my first post, I'm still having the same issue and wanted to ask again. Thank you for clarifying my post because your wording is accurate to what I am experiencing. I just can't roll out our PDM Web 2 access until this is resolved.


                Yes, my PDM admin tool is set up to only allow visibility to specific folders, but like you said, all folders are visible to everyone in the Web 2 Client; users can drill down as far as a folder can possibly go, but just see them as empty folders.


                Now, on the original Web client, it works exactly the way I would expect and only shows the folders available to that user/group visibility setting in the PDM admin tool.

                I spoke to our VAR and they are looking into it as well.

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                Alex Wagner

                This is an unresolved issue that I see as well. Please keep me updated.