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Why are referenced files locked from Task Scheduler?

Question asked by Sean Trainor on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Sean Trainor

A customer has started having an issue since updating SW 2012 to 2015 SP2. He is using task scheduler to export DXF and PDF files to a network location which he could do previously with 2012. However since updating to 2015 SP2 he has been having the issue that some files will not complete and have the status message "referenced file(s) locked" shown in the summary table after the operation is complete.


This issue appears with multiple files on both machines. I have received a Pack-and-Go of one assembly and the failed models are all sub-assemblies. Some have in-context references but these references are not locked. Other sub-assemblies have no in-context references at all. The issue does not appear if he exports the files to an external HDD instead of a server location.


Any ideas on this?Ref files locked 10.03.15 - P220.jpg