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    bom partial quantities per view?  Bom quantity management.

    Mike Childers

      Is there a way to have part quantities of an item reflect only the amount shown on a view?  I mean if I have 80 screws in an assembly, but only ten on the front panel, I don't want to bubble a screw on a front panel view and show quantity 80, I just want to show quantity in that view.  I have to override auto quantity and then keep track of how many times I have bubbled the quantities in each view to make sure they all add up to 80.  Is there some way to automate this?  If not would be a good suggestion for future versions.


      Or future versions could help keep track of quantity so that if I override quantity with say 10, then the next time I go to bubble on another view there could be a note say something like (quantity 80, 10 used, 70 remaining) or something like that.


      Is there some feature that I am not aware of to help with bom quantity management?