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EPDM - .sldprt - SolidWorks Resource Monitor

Question asked by Justin Cole on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by Justin Cole

I am not really sure what question to ask or how to ask it.  Maybe someone else has seen something similar or has some ideas though.


I am working with files in an EPDM file vault that I inherited.  The files that I am working with were created by someone that is no longer with our company.


This is happening with several .sldprt files


In Solidworks - Open File - .sldprt

Select part file to open

SolidWorks or the .sldprt file or EPDM attempts to open dozens of .sldprt and .sldasm files ((as though I am attempting to open an assembly maybe?))

Pop up notifications and dialogue boxes ensue warning me that files are not checked out in EPDM, asking if I want to check parts out, stating that EPDM cannot locate files, files are in a rolled back state, and so on.

SolidWorks Resource Manager warnings pop up and eventually Solidworks crashes and shuts itself down.


The Contains tab in EPDM does not show any references.

The Where Used tab shows that the .sldprt file is used in one or more drawings.

The Version tab shows several versions of the file.


The .slddrw file for the associated .sldprt file seems to have the same problem.


Thoughts, ideas, funny stories?


Thank you.