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    Toolbar orientation.

    Justin Bagley
      Does anyone out there know how to adjust the orientation of thetoolbars?

      I would like to switch from horizontal to Veritcal and have it staythat way for when I reopen the program. 

      Or even better, I would like to be able to configure them into rowslike on Rhino.
        • Toolbar orientation.
          Jorn Bjarning

          If you drag a toolbar from the top of the screen to the right orleft side, the toolbar automatically goes vertical. Is that whatyou want or do I misunderstand your question? SolidWorks willremember the content, location and orientation of the toolbars whenyou close and reopen the program. At least it should...

          What do you mean by 'configure them into rows'?
            • Toolbar orientation.
              Justin Bagley

              Thanks for your reply.

              I have dual monitors and prefer to have my model on one screen andmy toolbars completely removed from the rest of the Solid worksitems and on the second screen.

              When I pull the toolbar off of the Solidworks screen edge, itautomatically goes to horizontal and I haven't been able to switchit back.

              As for "configure in rows", I wish I could have severalrows of icons within a toolbar without having to break the toolbarup into separate components. (see the attached screenshot)

              Thanks again for any input.