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Length column remains blank in my cut-list table...

Question asked by Romee De La Bigne on Mar 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by Romee De La Bigne

Hi all,

I've created a weldment structure. I opened it in a drawing and added a cut-list table.

Ouch! The length column was empty.

My weldment cut list is updated in my feature manager and there are nothing more in my model than a weldment feature.

The only thing I see is that in my cut list properties dialog box in the summary tab, the length of all my weldment cut are there and ok. But when I click on the cut list table tab, the length column is also empty

I'm pretty new to this but:

How can I do to make the lenght column in my cut list table work?


Thank you very much.

PS: I uploaded my part file so you can see by yourself.