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How do I solve "Error 2573 the file swvbaserver.exe is not marked for instalation" when installing solidworks Student Design Kit (2014-2015)?

Question asked by Guillem Santin on Mar 8, 2015

Hello, I've been trying to install Solidwork Student Design Kit (2014-2015) cause I need it for an university subject. I downloaded it and installed it from the official solidworks education website as my university told me. None of my mates have had any problem during the installation. I've never had any solidworks product on my computer before.


I run a Windows 7 64-bit version, first I've had the error:"2753 the file drawcompare.exe is not marked for installation". I disabled anti-virus, cleaned my pc and checked my registry if there were any issues. Then I've had an error related to "swsldshell" and now I have "Error 2573 the file swvbaserver.exe is not marked for instalation".


Do you know how to solve it?