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fsae intake

Question asked by Dhruv Malhotra on Mar 8, 2015
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As seen in the flow trajectory, the flow in the c-d nozzle isn't uniform in the end which results in much more flow entering the second(from left) runner. On what basis does solidworks makes this analysis, as conventionally flow should be somewhat more in the middle two runners than the extreme two as they(middle) are more closer to the restrictor axis??

In this case i am doing cfd for conservation of mass flow rate.

Inlet bc: mass flow rate   

Outlet bcs: env.pressure

Rather the primary cfd i want to do is to check the pressure at the outlet(loss). That i discussed on another forum and answers came out to be env.pressure at inlet(that is also during practical conditions), and mass flow at outlet. Now the problem is that how can i decide the values of mass flow at outlet to put as boundary there is no uniformity of flow even between the middle two and between the two extreme runners?!?

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