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After SW installation exporting to edrawing freezes PC

Question asked by Joel Rapoport on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2015 by Joel Rapoport

Hello all,


had to format my C drive and reinstall my SW 2014 standard.

but after I installed everything I see that I have problems with my edrawing export from SW.

every time i do a save-as, there is an endless cursor "thinking" (or buissy) icon which never ends.

every time I need to terminate SW from the task manager.

i Don't see any other problems with the installation.

i also tried to reinstall the entire SW package- thought it would fix the problem, but it didnt.


anyone seen this problem before?

is there any solution?

my subscription has ended so I have no one else to ask for help in this matter.


thanks in advance,