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Cut-List Property driven by a dimension in model not showing the correct unit precision between configurations

Question asked by Jared Athey on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Simon Turner

As stated in the title, I have a Sheet Metal Cut-List Property 'PART No' defined as PA36-"Thickness@Sheet-Metal@Part1.SLDPRT".  The document properties are overridden in that dimension (which can also driven through the Design Table) to display the correct precision (1 to 4 decimal places) the thickness of the material and I have attempted using the "Configurations..." button to select the desired Unit Precision per configuration (there are only 8 in our example) so that it may be displayed appropriately in our Cut-List Table on the drawing. 


For example; this is our desired outcome:

Configuration A; part thickness 1/2"; Cut-List Property "PART No" = PA36-.5  (the .5 is driven by the dimensions "Thickness" in the part with the prescribed Unit Precision and will show up as such in the Cut-List Table on the drawing).

Configuration B; part thickness 3/4"; Cut-List Property "PART No" = PA36-.75


No matter how I have change my order of operations, the selected Unit Precision does not 'stick' with that configuration.  When I hop over to my drawing to review (one sheet per configuration) the Cut-List Table, the dimension Unit Precision of the governing configuration (the active model configuration designated by SW [the model you have open or the model it first opens]) is the only Unit Precision it will identify and will not rebuild to the proper configuration


For example; this is how it is currently being displayed in the Cut-List Table with a page set up for each configuration:

Configuration A (active config.); part thickness 1/2"; Cut-List Property "PART No" = PA36-.5

Configuration B; part thickness 3/4"; Cut-List Property "PART No" = PA36-.8


I know how to control a dimension's tolerances using the Design Table ($TOLERANCE@dimension) but it doesn't allow you to control the Unit Precision per configuration from what I have gathered.  Or perhaps someway for the drawing to rebuild to the configuration currently displayed in the drawing (thus updating the dimension Unit Precision as desired).


The design table may not even been a suitable for solving this problem and, although I am not using one at this time, an API solution may be required to solve it along with some other issues.  Like remedying the lack of automation in a Sheet Metal Cut-List Item's automatically generated Cut-List Properties (to match those we have automatically generated for our weldment Cut-List items: TITLE, PART No, LENGTH, and WEIGHT).  This is separate but related issue... but we'll focus on the Unit Precision first.


It's a niche issue but because it drives the part number it can cause several issues for the MRP system.


Thank you for any and all help,