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    Proper way to create a part drawing with multiple configurations?

    Brad Norton

      I created a part with several configurations and figured out the design table portion of it. I've got the design table in the drawing but the drawing is still of one of the configurations. I edited the dimensions so instead of reading what it is it lists the same heading as in my design table but that way seems a bit hokey. It also lists the p/n for one of the configurations in the print. Not the base p/n. I can fix this in my properties tab so all of the configurations are the same p/n but this all seems like the wrong way to go about it and I would like to set it up properly.

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          Jamil Snead

          I usually make an extra configuration in the part for using on the print. That configuration would have the part number that I want shown on the drawing (usually the base part number with no dash number) and it would be configured like a "typical" part. If the configurations are for different sizes of an item then I would make the drawing configuration be the middle size, or maybe the most common size. If some of the configurations look drastically different then I sometimes add views of different configurations as examples of what it might look like. Then for dimensions I do the same thing you mentioned, edit the dimension to have the table header instead of the actual config-specific dimension. To do this I'd recommend clicking the "Override value" box and typing in the text you want, and leave the <DIM> in the text area. That way you can still add a tolerance to it.