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I cannot find sketch text in a sketch...

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by Nathan Rollins

Hi all,


I am getting an error message in a thin boss: "Sketch text is not supported for thin features"


I did redefine the sketch and add some text to experiment with installing a new font - and I deleted the text once I verified that the new font worked.  But is seems that there is either a text element in the sketch that is either empty, invisible or somewhere that I cannot find - or SWX is hanging on to the fact that there WAS a text element in the sketch and is complaining about it erroneously.


I looked for a "text" selection filter but did not find one.  Is there a way to interrogate a sketch to see what is in there - is there a way to select something I cannot see?  Should I just start over?


Thanks! And happy Friday.