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Sheetmetal part inflates to large file sizes

Question asked by Daniel Krempel on Mar 6, 2015

I have a sheet metal part.


It was modeled with surface faces, converted into a sheet metal part, and features such as holes and cuts added to it.


Its growing exponentially.   It averages 127mb, but sometimes grows to 250mb and higher.


I have done the following


-Unchecked link display states with configurations

-Deleted all display states

-Used "Mark and Purge data for all configurations"

-Unchecked "Save tessellation data with part document"

-Save-as a new part name


Looking inside the file structure, I can see where its inflated


So through a process of deleting items and saving the part, I've narrowed down the cause.


  A series of cut extrudes after the sheet metal conversion (elongated holes/slots)


Drilled holes and other cuts are working fine without inflating the file.


What about this feature is causing the file size to double every other time I save it?