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Dispatch Auto Check In/Out issue

Question asked by Jason Spansel on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2015 by Richard Bremmer

Ok.  So I am trying to put in a simple dispatch task to automatically check in and check right back out files added to the vault.


Seems simple enough, but we are getting errors when it tries to check the file back out.  Check in works fine.


The dispatch is simply : Check in, Check out.  Nothing else.


This works just fine when dragging a file into the vault.  Does just what it is supposed to do, checks it in and right back out.


The problem is when working within Solidworks and doing a save as, and saving into the vault.  It checks the file in, but when it tries to check out, it says error... file is open in another program, or some such.  I assume because we are doing this within solidworks and solidworks is open?  If save outside the vault and drag in, it works. The engineers do not want to do that way, they like to save right into the vault.


Can we still implement this auto check out, while SolidWorks is open?  What would I need to put into the script? Or not possible?