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Looking for a solution to constant crashing with BobCAM V3 add-in.

Question asked by Raymond Kopec on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by Tony Pettinelli

So,  we've had Solidworks since 2009 and paid for yearly updates since.  Last year we decided to get an integrated software, BobCAD CAM V3 to program CNC runnable parts directly from Solidworks.  Now, this is a "Solidworks Gold Partner".  All was great and I was learning tons about the program and getting very good at programming parts.  Well, along comes Solidworks 2015 and I get nothing but crash after crash while the BobCAD add-in is active.  You're lucky to get 5 minutes of work out of it before a crash.  I had to re-install Solidworks 2014 just to program my parts.  A month after we got BobCAD, they offered me a buyback program to upgrade to V4.  They wanted to charge a ridiculous amount although we had just purchased a brand new software from them a month earlier, without them even notifying us a newer version was going to be coming out very soon.  We did not buy it because we didn't need it.  They immediately quit updates to V3 so there is nothing they can do.  They said the error is somewhere on Solidworks side of the issue and I can't find anything close to a solution.  I know it's Solidworks changes that have cause the issue because the program still works flawlessly in 2014.  The program seems to crash most when left idle for a minute or two.  I constantly have to turn the add-in off to avoid crashing.  Does anyone have any clues as to what solidworks has done to cause the issue or any steps i can take to possibly figure it out?