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SolidWorks API Training class in Cleveland on March 30 - April 2

Question asked by Keith Rice on Mar 5, 2015

I will be teaching a 4-day, beginner-friendly SolidWorks API training class on March 30 - April 2 at the La Quinta Inn near the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.


Learn more and register HERE


Why You Should Attend


  • Beginner-friendly. No previous programming experience required.
  • Small class size (5 attendees max) allows for excellent teacher-student interaction.
  • Complimentary one-year Premium membership to is included.
  • Content is designed by the industry’s leading SolidWorks API trainer, Keith Rice, to make you proficient in SolidWorks API fundamentals quickly and without frustration.


Topics Covered


This course emphasizes the three fundamentals skills of SolidWorks API programming:

  1. Programming using Visual Basic Applications
  2. Using the API Help
  3. Understanding the SolidWorks API Object Model


After the course, students should feel comfortable researching API calls and using those calls to create macros from scratch. Major topics include: VBA programming essentials, macro recorder, API Help, SolidWorks API object model, opening and saving documents, configurations, custom properties, selection handling, system and document options, sketch creation, feature creation, feature traversal, feature editing, geometry and topology traversal, and more (if time allows).


Again, click here to learn more and register.


Let me know if you have any questions!


Keith Rice

Technical Director