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Mate Suppresion and Missing "Mate Selection" Visibility

Question asked by JP Amezaga on Mar 5, 2015



I've been building a large model.  In the feature manager, when you see the list of mates for a part, a suppressed mate is grey instead of black.  Not that easy for me to distinguish.  Is there a more visually striking way to notice a suppressed mate?


Also, I've been using the replace component feature, or just deleting parts.  Some mates stick around and if you edit them you notice that it's missing a face, hole, or something to mate to in the "Mate Selection" box.  In the feature manager, again, they show up as grey even though they are not suppressed (just missing a "Mate Selection").  Is there a way to easily see mates that need to be corrected because they're missing a reference in the "Mate Selection".  They don't show up as errors in red or yellow, like when something is conflicting, because there is no real conflict except for missing information.


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