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How to create a simple PCB with SW & Circuitworks

Question asked by Philip Lu on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by Keith Hooks



I am trying to create a simple PCB with the following features:


(1) Base board of some thickness

(2) One layer of trace/copper strip on top

(3) Some plated through holes


I can draw the design in SW as a single Part file, but I don't know how to export it into CW correctly.  The ultimate goal is to pass on the CW data in IDF format to a designer with other tools such as Altium, who will then generate the Gerber files for board production later on.


- Right now I figured out to do (1) I just need to select the base board Extrusion.

- However, I cant seem to generate a 2nd layer on top of the base board for (2).  My thoughts is that if I can do this then I can then set this 2nd layer to Conductor material which would be my trace?

- For (3) it seems I need to use Extruded Cut instead of Hole Wizard.  This is a minor annoyance but nothing serious.  Although I am not sure about the different Hole Types and other options/settings I see in the CW properties...


Since I am unfamiliar with PCB design in general, maybe I am going about this the wrong way or not understanding the settings I need to use in SW/CW.  Alternatively, perhaps there are other more suitable tools for this application.  Regardless, I would appreciate any help/insight on this task.


Thank you kindly in advance,