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    chamfer dimension text

    N. Ritchey

      i don't typically use the "chamfer dimension" tool --- i usually just add a note and enter the text manually. however i am aware of the benefits of using the tool (associated to the model dims) and have been trying to use it more often.


      i saw this, and it's weird.


      by default using the chamfer tool will say (in this instance) "1/64" X 45d". i like to call out the chamfer as a chamfer, so i manually entered "CHAMFER_" (underscore = space) in the dimension text box, so that it says "CHAMFER_<DIM>" (again, underscore is a space).


      what's weird is that it inserts "R_" in the middle of the dimension, so now it says "CHAMFER 1/64" X R 45d"


      that's weird, right? only the letter R and a space show up. if i add additional spaces, it adds them twice. it doesn't add any letter other than R, and it only adds that R if it's the last character of the word (and "chamfer" ends in an R).


      so now it looks like it's calling out a radius of 45 degrees?


      again this is just something weird that i noticed.