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    SW2015 sp2 crashing

    Christian Chu

      SW2015 sp2 doesn't seem to be stable - it crashed few times a day with no reason at all - just run it, open a file and crash

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          Jeff Mirisola

          You realize that by posting this, with no other information, you're going to be inundated with questions by those of us who want to figure out why it may be crashing, right?



          Was this an upgrade from an earlier SP or did you upgrade from a previous major version?

          Have you run SolidWorks Rx to see if there are any conflicts?

          Have there been any other changes?

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              Christian Chu

              Sorry, just upgrade from SW2014 and run without any change in setup - from SW Rx, seems like I need a new driver for the video card - Will try and see what the diff


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                Edwin Thein

                yes I've upgraded from SP0

                Now SP2.1


                yes I've run SW Rx with no difference.


                yes I've run system maintenance too.


                Yes I've updated all my graphics drivers.


                I did a rebuild and SW reports no errors.


                My assembly is quite large and I'm already using it in large assembly mode.


                I've only outlook and Chrome, running all with SW while working.


                My machine is Win 7 64-bit 16 Gb RAM

                Intel Xenon CPU E4-1620 v2 @ 3.7GHz


                I've ran defrag but cannot run CCleaner because it will conflict with work's anti-virus and firewall.  Was told my IT dept not to run CCleaner anymore.

                Diagnostics show:

                Done all the above ...why is SW still crashing?

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                John Stoltzfus

                Chris -


                I'm still laughing lol - Best story I heard all year -


                it crashed few times a day with no reason at all - just run it, open a file and crash


                Sorry - Can't help it - but.....


                Let me tell you SolidWorks doesn't just crash for no reason at all -


                The file you are opening is corrupt, if you are trying to open the assembly file stop, open the drawing file first, then it should be ok, if not your really got a screwed up model

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                  Brad Harding

                  I too am having stability issues with SW2015 SP2.1. We upgraded from 2014 to 2015SP2.0 a couple months back and the stability was good. Yesterday I updated to SP2.1 and have experienced crash after crash with a few files getting corrupted from the crashes. Luckily I am running Workgroup PDM so I can get clean copies of my files when I need.

                  I ran Rx and updated the video driver as recommended and this has not helped. I came here to see if others are experiencing stability issues too and it seems that there are.

                  One weird thing I noticed is if I open a drawing from the vault SW gives me an error that it cannot open the file. This happens even when loading into an empty working folder. If I bring in the assembly model first, then the drawing, it opens OK.

                     I know SP2.1 fixed some sort of bug with file saving. I am wondering if they missed another bug.

                  Seriously considering uninstalling and going back to SP2.0. 

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                    Brien Sharp

                    Haven't done much assembly modeling yet but 2.1 seems to be running better for me as far as crashing goes. It hung up yesterday for a bit switching commands. When windows asked to end the process or continue I just let it continue. Went and got a snack and it was working and responsive when I got back. Of course it still has all the little buggy things that have been there since 2013 like cursor dirt trails during text edit, Text ghosting on edit text placement, Title bar cascades on the screen and sometimes remains on the screen even after closing the program, Some times the chamfer tool actually adds material in certain situations, Holes with hole wizard wont place to a drawn point so you have to place it randomly then go back and edit the placement and then it will work fine, and many many others. All the little annoying things that make you want to load up a colt 45 long and pull off a few rounds into the monitor. Those things are all still there. But hey SW can just blame that stuff on the hardware so they don't have to spend the money or time to fix it. As a matter of fact I think the local DPW has taken up this economically sound SW view point on fixing pot holes in the roads. Instead of sending a few guys out with some cold patch and a shovel they send a team of four out to put up signs to let you know that yes there is a hole here!!!!!! It gets peoples attention and then they thank the DPW for putting up that sign as they grip the wheel white knuckled and ride through that baby. If they would have filled that hole no one would have even given them a thought as they cruised down the road whistling dixy.      

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                      Edwin Thein

                      I've been having instability problems for about 9 months until I meticulously compared the lists of prerequisites against what is actually installed on my windows program and features.


                      I found several prerequisite installation missing.


                      After I did that, SW was far more stable than before.

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                        Martin Green

                        If you can upgrade to SP4 also as mentioned before make sure that the prerequisites are installed correcly. The best way to do this is to look on the media disk and find the PreReqs folder, this is were you will find the files. Install them over the top of the existing ones, they will ask to repair if required.