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SW 2015 graphic card drivers for dell precision laptops

Question asked by Ingvar Magnusson on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by Ingvar Magnusson

I was thinking about contacting my VAR to go back on subs. to get SW 2015.


First I search for a graphic card driver for my old laptop Dell Precision M4500 that has Quadro FX 1800M and did not find it. Then I searched for any other Dell Precision in the 4000 line (15" Screen) with any Graphic card. I found out that there are only graphic card drivers suitable for the newest model M4800, all the cards there have a suitable driver ?


Will this be the case ? That only the newest model of dell precision from dell will have a certified graphic card driver for SW 2015? Hope I´m wrong.


Btw I only use Hardware from dell and want to keep it that way.