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    Best render software in user friendly and quality.

    Justin Harwell

      There is alot of really good render software out in the world, Photoview 360, keyshot, modo, maxwell, and many others. Obvioulsy I am partial to photoview 360. However I am about to start working with people who are going to need to be able to do a photo rendering. What software produces good quality but can be quickly learned?

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          John Burrill

          Well, opinions will vary about ease-of-use because for the most part, that comes down to what you're familiar with.

          As far as quality is concerned, they all achieve pretty good results.  To hear it told, you Maxwell is able to make the most photo-realistic lighting and rendering effects, but it apparently takes the longest to render.  Modo has the advantage of allowing you to work with your SolidWorks models complete with materials and textures, which is a big advantage over other packages where you have to completely redress the model when you import it.  The downside of Modo is it's wonkiness. The interface and data structures are very different from other animation packages, but as I understand it, with

          While Photoview is easy to learn, especially for a SolidWorks user, it's quite limited in the amount of control it allows over materials and lighting.  You can't for example, make animated materials and only practical lights produce caustics.

          I use PhotoView for simple scene rendering and animation and Blender for VFX and complex modelling, but that's because I like pain.

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            Mark Matthews

            Here we use Keyshot. SW is our modeling package of choice, but Keyshot is by far the easiest render package to learn that gets good results fast if you've never used a render package before. PhotoView is decent, but still difficult to get the lighting right, and it takes too long to render. There is a plugin for SW that ports your model to Keyshot, and once the materials are assigned in Keyshot, you can update the geometry while maintaining material assignments.