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    Moving bom line to another page

    Mike Childers

      I added another part to a large assembly that has the bom split up on several pages.  I want to move a bom item from one page to another.  The only way I know to do it is to merge the table back into one giant table on just one page, move things around as needed, and then re split up onto several pages.  Surely, there is a better way to do this.  Is there some way to cut and paste just one line onto another page, or something like that?  Thanks

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          John Burrill

          You can split a record off of a table and merge it with the next table. 


          If the target table is on another sheet, it will come back to the same sheet as the record you're trying to merge, but you can cut and past the entire table back to the other sheet.

          Something else you might want to look into: Horzontal Autosplit might speed things up.  You set the number of rows in the current table and the remainder are split off to a seperate table which can be placed on a seperate sheet.  Then if the BOM changes, the tables update automatically.

          I'm running 2015 SP2, so I might be describing features that were added to tables only recently.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            If you are adding the new part to it's own drawing sheet, you could add a BOM to the sheet for just that part.

            Or am I missing something?

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                Mike Childers

                No, we like to put bom for entire assembly on sheets 1 (and 2 and 3 if it is long).  Then, we will have to sometimes move items around to try to logically group them better.  When I added part, it added it to last page.  I didn't want to auto sort entire table again, because some items were manually moved, and auto sort would break those moves.  Was just trying to move part back to sheet one with the other like components.  Yes we use autosplit.  I ended up merging entire table, moving part, then dragging table splits back to additional sheets.  Thought I could just insert blank bom line where I wanted it, then copy/paste data from second sheet, but this broke links, so the merge all option was the only way I could come up with.

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                Glenn Schroeder

                I did a little playing around to see what I could do with moving rows.  I created a BOM in a drawing (18 parts), then split it, with 9 rows in each, and placed them side by side.  I then clicked on the upper left corner of the one with numbers 10-18, dragged it to the tab at the bottom for sheet 2, and released.  (I learned something right there, because before this I didn't know you could move part of a table to another sheet.)


                I then went to the second sheet, clicked to the left of row 18, and started moving it up.  When I got all the way to the top, where the cross is (yellow arrow), the gray box appeared where the other half of the table is on the other sheet.  (The cursor doesn't show in the screenshot).  Anyway, I moved my cursor over to this gray bar (red arrow) and released.  The row moved to the other table, and the bottom row of that table moved to item 10, so I still had 9 rows on each table.


                This only seems to work with moving parts up in the table.  I can only move rows from table 10-18 to table 1-9, not the other way.


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                    Mike Childers

                    Hmmm.  I couldn't duplicate this.  I did try this though.  If I wanted to move a line from sheet two to sheet one, I drug entire table from sheet two onto sheet1 (drug upper left "x" to drawing tree).  Then I could drag lines from one table section to the other.  Then I drug the table section back to sheet two and it snapped back where it was.  That seems easier than doing a merge all.

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                    John Stoltzfus



                    Just a thought you could have the first 3 or 4 sheets just for BOM and on those sheets define an anchor point off the page and insert the same BOM into each page, you may want to add blank rows so it breaks up at the print line, so in reality you would have 3 or 4 identical BOM's but in each page they would be shifted up or down and the BOM would remain fluid, move or delete a part your BOM would update.




                    Doing it this way would work, however you would have to move the part or assembly in your feature manager tree rather then moving it in your bom - which should actually be easier than trying to move from page to page