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Solidworks 2013 Will not allow me to add relations to any sketches.

Question asked by Shane Bowes on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by Mark Kaiser

Yesterday I was working on a large assembly and when I added a new part. Went to sketch the profile and needed to add some relations to that sketch.
When I select the add relations command, it will let me select the lines to add relations to, but does not present any relations to add to those sketch lines. Is there a option I may have accidentally turned off or one that could have turned itself off? Seeing as I would remember turning off a setting. Thanks for any help in advance guys!




I went back to the sketch and without selecting the "add relations" command I selected the line and arc I needed to add relations to using the shift key. As soon as I did that it brought up relations I could add on the left hand tool bar. I used this method for the rest of the sketch relations I needed and it seems to have worked. Odd because I had to add relations the other way up until this point.