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Fonts error in Save as PDF & in Print as PDF no problem!!

Question asked by Ahmed Lasheen on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Ahmed Lasheen

i have a critical problem in Save as PDF & Arabic Letters :-



Basically SolidWorks doesn't support Arabic letters it always appears like that  "اح م د" which is wrong (separate letters) in normal case (in windows) it should be "احمد" (One connected word).

whatever the good news that when i print SolidWorks Drawing file (contain Arabic not connected word "اح م د"  ) it printed correctly. "احمد"  (i think print command compare SolidWorks fonts with window fonts and correct it to be connected word in the printed file whatever hard-copy or Print as PDF)



so my problem is when i do save as PDF the result is not the same as Print as PDF ,save as PDF result in  "اح م د"  separate letters as SolidWorks (i think Save as do like screen shot) ,

but print as solve the issue and print it as PDF correctly.


the big problem is that i have to use save as PDF technique not print as , as i am using Driveworks who creates +100 drawings or more automatic and save them as PDF automatic without any interaction with the user.



i asked Driveworks support if they can make the process done by Print as PDF not save as PDF the answer was no. so i am forced to create my drawings automatic with save as PDF.



is their any solution with PDF to solve this issue.