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    Drawing Lines Missing 2015sp2

    Marshall Wilson

      this mornign I opened a drawing file I worked on a few days ago. There are 2 or 3 views on the drawing that have lots of missing feature lines - both missing model edge lines and also missing sketch lines created in the drawing itself (including a few blocks). All the views in question are sections


      The only way the missing elements are seen is if I use Shaded or Shaded with Edges.

      Oh - and also there are 4 versions of this Project in 4 separate folders created with "Pack&Go" as the client wanted small changes made. Every one down to the original has the exact same behavior - even though they are referencing completely different assembly files etc.


      Here's what I've tried to solve it yet:

           install the newest video driver

           re-install the "recommended" video driver

           Open all parts and assemblies referenced, rebuild and save each one

           Move the section lines a little and rebuild

           Delete the views in question and Undo.

           Quit SW, restart computer.


      Nothing so far has had any affect. I can live without solving it - i can redraw the views -  but its annoying as I'm sure you all know and it's killing my efficiency today.