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    Explanation for predefined Contact Resistance

    Doug Rawlings



      I'm using SolidWorks Flow to do some thermal modelling and I'm a little wary of the predefined contact resistances. Basically I'm looking for a clear explanation of what the descriptions mean.


      For example:

      "Aluminum, ground, air (Roughness 0,25 micrometer)"


      Does this mean aluminium in contact with aluminium, both surfaces having a ground finish to 0.25 micrometres, assembled in air and therefore has air trapped in the cavities formed between the two surfaces?


      Or is it aluminium in contact with the ground? (OK, unlikely)

      Or is it aluminium in contact with air?

      Or is it...


      I've looked through the Help and can't find anything that tries to explain these. I'm reasonably happy that my first explanation is the relevant one but I don't like uncertainty.


      Thanks for your help,