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Question asked by Peter Gillespie on May 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2007 by Peter Gillespie
I'm not an FEA expert, but I have worked with some models more complex than the current one, and the results seem to correlate fairly well with physical testing. However, the model under consideration is not even close in magnitude to our actual testing. I'm trying to work out doing some of my own testing, but our engineering head says the previous physical testing did not result in material yielding, while in this model we are anywhere between 2-10 times the yield strength of the material. I'm running 2004, while my co-worker is running 2006 and independently produced similar results, both of us starting with engineering drawings and not sharing models.

In short, it appears that our COSMOS model isn't setup correctly.

I have attached some screen shots to show the von Mises stresses. The area of most concern is the "neck" or collar on the left side of the picture.