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Flange to Flange Connections Using Drag and Drop

Question asked by Randy Bueno on Mar 4, 2015

Dear All,


I would like some professional advise regarding the Route Feature of SW2014.


I am finished the Piping and Tubing Training module of SW and I am now trying to create our own routing library.

This time I am preparing the flange library.

I properly put CPoints and RPoints as well as mate references into the flange and to the components.

However, when I am trying to drag and drop another flange to another flange into the same route it does not automatically mate.

When I check the solidworks flange library and tried the actual thing it is working properly.

I copied the references, but it is still now working.

Could you give me advise or procedure if there are some settings necessary for this?


I attached an image taken using the solidworks default library components.

As you can see it is mating automatically.


Your kind answer is much appreciated.


Thank You.