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2015 Crashes more than any other version

Question asked by John Lhuillier on Mar 3, 2015

Just wondering if anyone else that's using 2015 is seeing an increase in random crashes that are not repeatable. I'm seeing at least 3 or 4 a day & this is on different computers with different operating systems & video cards. One at work is Windows 7 with the Nvidia quadro mobile card with the latest approved SW video driver & the other is running Windows 8 with an AMD FirePro with the approved driver for it as well. I don't remember any of the previous versions I've used having this many crashes that are random & I've been using SW since 1998. Have lots of system memory on both with 24GB on the Win8 & 16 on the Win7 system & lots of hard drive space. So far disappointed in the performance of this release.