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Workgroup PDM - Not letting me check in a particular file name

Question asked by Kevin Maloney on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by Kevin Maloney

We seem to be experiencing some ghosts in the machine here...


We have a part that has been an issue for us for a while. It was originally a design library/toolbox part (flag set), and non-revision managed. Each time someone tried to check an assembly into the vault that had this component, they'd receive a vault error, usually #102. This was true even if they explicitly unchecked the part on the list to be checked in.


We decided to delete the part in question from our design library, and create a new version, to be stored in the vault. The thought was maybe the part file in question was corrupt, and a new version might work.


So, I create a new part file... verify that the file name in question is nowhere else in the vault... I try to check it in, and lo and behold, I get a vault error 102.


It's as if Workgroup PDM has a lock on using that file name, because if I change the same part file to a different name & attempt to check it into the vault, I have no problem whatsoever.


Any thoughts on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.